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Resiliency Orchestration

ROCK consistently audit clients’ digital infrastructures in their entirety and persistently review disaster recovery processes and procedures to ensure they are continuously optimised.

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Managing agile disaster recovery plans

Developing a disaster recovery plan that outlines contingencies and various courses of action that should be taken in the event of a disaster is essential. Every time a significant – or, in many cases, small – change is made, however, these plans can become ineffective. As a result, ensuring they are regularly reviewed and amended when required is equally vital.

Alterations to practices, models, routes to market or anything else generate new vulnerabilities that must be considered and addressed. Ever more complicated infrastructure, for example, requires a more robust and sophisticated means of protecting and backing up vital data. Even a change as seemingly insignificant as a new device joining a network can generate the need for modified recovery procedures.

With change being frequent within modern businesses, manually updating strategies is often a cumbersome and laborious task. Automation, however, can be used in order to ease this process and generate recovery frameworks that are agile and scalable by design.

Agile, compatible and scalable

Automation, machine learning and AI – teamed with a highly-analytical approach to data management – allow ROCK to identify patterns that inform the continuous optimisation of recovery processes and allow us to provide clients with accurate recovery times relating to a variety of incidents.

With AI capable of rapidly identifying correlations between backup failures and adjustments to internal or even external infrastructure, flaws in backup processes and their exact cause can also be quickly identified and remedied in advance of them becoming problematic.

Support and refinement

As well as providing our clients with access to technical support that is available 24 hours a day throughout every day of the year, we also subject all strategies to scrutiny to ensure they remain robust and effective at regular intervals.

In short, ROCK assure that disaster recovery plans remain fit for purpose and that key stakeholders can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from business resilience strategies that instil confidence.


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