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Data Backup & Protection

ROCK glean comprehensive understandings of our clients’ digital infrastructures in order to develop and implement robust backup strategies and restoration procedures.

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Online data backups: preserving a vital resource

With the birth of the 21st century came the information era. The world wide web, having threatened to proliferate in the years that preceded the millennium, began to gain real traction. High-speed connections soon became accessible and the internet became omnipresent.

Data, as a direct result, has become an incredibly valuable asset. It informs decisions, allows multiple applications to run and enables the automation of various processes – these are just a few examples of how this resource adds value to organisations. In spite of this, 17% of businesses throughout the UK don’t back up their digital information. Of those that do, nearly half utilise just one single device within close proximity of their main storage. Their backup device is also often attached to a network and, as a direct result of this and its location, it provides inadequate protection from either cyber crime or physical disaster.

Auditing and securing

ROCK can develop and implement robust backup strategies for organisations of all sizes and across all industries. An initial audit is utilised in order to identify company data across on-site and virtual systems in order to ensure we have located all digital information pertaining to the client.

Following this, a backup strategy utilising on and off-site storage – as well as unnetworked media – is developed and implemented as required.

Support and development

When changes are made to infrastructure, practices or anything else, digital strategies need to be reviewed and amended. ROCK therefore subject all of our data backup – and all other – strategies to regular scrutiny and update them as necessary.

In addition, we offer round the clock support 365 days a year.


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