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An insolent response to barriers: obsessive innovation

All organisations face challenges. Often, these can be overcome with tried and tested tools and techniques. At other times, however, a bespoke and wholly unique solution is needed.

ROCK sincerely believe that tech can, provided it is blended with determination, knowledge and tenacity, solve any problem. It’s why we created our Innovation as a Service offering: a unique service where we develop wholly bespoke solutions that help our clients overcome barriers and achieve the exceptional results they crave.

Challenges, barriers, tests, difficulties – they go by many names and are completely and utterly unavoidable. At some point – whether shortly after forming or several years later, an organisation will find itself confronted with a problem to which there is no obvious solution; when off-the-shelf software and existing practices will not yield the results they require.

When faced with such a scenario, it can be tempting to compromise – to find a way of living with, rather than actually solving the problem. At ROCK, we don’t think this is good enough. We believe that if the means of tackling a conundrum cannot be found or do not presently exist, you simply create a solution.

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Kim Aitchison
Kim Aitchison Chief of Staff

Innovation beyond obsession

‘Innovation beyond obsession’ is something of a mantra here, so much so, it's the lynch pin of our vision. Whilst others would be happy to continuously implement short-term solutions, we stick with problems and see them through to the very end. The inevitable stress – the anxiety – that this generates does not deter, but fuels us. It galvanises our true north values; it maintains integrity and keeps us mindful of our responsibility to our clients and how the product/application or solution we develop will benefit them. Vitally, knowing that we will overcome a considerable challenge maintains pride in the quality of our work and helps us to look forward to the incredible sense of achievement we’ll enjoy when we know we’ve resolved the issue for our client.

As far as our clients are concerned, they’ll enjoy something far more significant: bespoke solutions to pressing problems that they have been previously forced to endure. Proactive as well as pioneering, our Innovations as a Solution team actively seek out means of resolving other concerns within client’s organisations whilst simultaneously working to a brief. The testing, analysis and experimentation required as part of creating means of resolving concerns typically – when coupled with the in-depth understanding of our client’s practices, models, objectives etc. – yield findings that can be leveraged to improve a variety of business functions and enhance productivity.

Internal innovation: Eagle Eye

One example of where we've innovated internally is with our internal scoping system called Eagle Eye. This system, built by our innovation team, product managers and solution design consultants allows for solutions team members to access hundreds of scoping templates and by entering details about the client and solution, customise it for a specific client project. For us, this frees up technical resource in building scopes for account managers and means that our projects implementation team are getting the same high quality scopes on every project. New scope templates can be added within a matter of minutes, meaning the system is always evolving as we add new services or a product setup is required to change.

Examples of innovation

AI and automation can be used to expeditiously and accurately complete various administrative processes. Big data and analytical tools tied to sufficient infrastructure can provide valuable and previously unforeseeable insights. Collaboration solutions can provide teams with powerful means of working together irrespective of their locations thus improving their productivity and reducing an organisation’s carbon footprint.

Tech – teamed with innovation and determination – can, ROCK believe, solve any pressing problem. In fact, it can both resolve immediate and potential future issues simultaneously.

ROCK’s unique Innovation as a Service offering is blended with our exceptional and renowned client care as well as yielding solutions that are entirely unique to a client’s organisation.

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