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Salesforce Consulting Services

ROCK work with clients, developing a nuanced and informed understanding of their practices and goals, to help them extract the maximum possible benefit from their Salesforce CRM.

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Extract maximum benefit from your CRM

Whatever the industry within which they operate and irrespective of their size or age, progressive businesses will always desire growth. As a result, they are always looking to win new clients and improve sales figures.

Salesforce is a powerful tool that – provided it has been tailored to the organisation using it – provides a multitude of valuable features that can aid business development. It can be used, for example, to assist with lead generation, automate workflows, free up salespeople’s time or optimise sales funnels. The potential uses of this software are so great, in fact, that providing an exhaustive list of its various abilities is not possible as they are, typically, entirely unique and tailored to individual organisations.

Improve sales with unique solutions

By blending an in-depth understanding of our clients’ organisations – gleaned from comprehensive auditing processes – and unparalleled knowledge of Salesforce’s various functionalities, ROCK develop fully bespoke sales platforms for our clientele.

Following the completion of testing and the ensuing launch of this platform, ROCK will subject it to continuous scrutiny to ensure it consistently provides the best possible sales tools for your organisation and employees to deliver both immediate and long-term success.


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