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API & Integration Services

ROCK undertake comprehensive audits of clients’ practices in order to identify data sets and application features that can be amalgamated into a single interface to deliver optimum efficiency.

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Amalgamating sources; streamlining workloads

Utilising time in the most effective manner possible can transform a good company into one that is genuinely exceptional. It is an invaluable resource that cannot be purchased and obtaining more time is dependent upon an organisation’s ability to develop more efficient processes and procedures. Amalgamating data sources and software is an effective way of doing this.

By allowing analytical tools to communicate with one another, various key metrics can be fed into a single source. Coupling this with a customised dashboard will provide a single pane of glass view of all vital statistics to provide stakeholders with the information they need to make better – and more expeditious – decisions.

Facilitating communications between digital assets can also streamline administrative processes, help to identify hardware that is not performing to optimum capacity and enable automation to enhance numerous functions.

APIs tailored to you

Identifying what software and devices need to be linked in order to deliver more efficient practices is integral to the development of integrations that will yield substantial improvements. These investigations require technical knowledge to be teamed with a nuanced and rounded understanding of the relevant organisation.

In order to bridge the gap between technical knowledge and organisational awareness, ROCK’s consultants undertake audits leveraging qualitative and quantitative methodologies to glean a detailed understanding of each client’s various models, practices and objectives. Their findings are then used to develop a comprehensive strategy outlining practicable and transformative change.

Continuous support and refinement

To ensure that strategies are continuously fit-for-purpose and that the most suitable solutions are always in place, all plans that we develop are reviewed and updated at regular intervals. ROCK also provide 24-hour support that is available all year round.


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