ROCK can help clients manage their software portfolios, amalgamate applications and data sources, and develop bespoke programmes to address specific organisational needs.

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Augmenting software solutions

Whilst the increasing prevalence of software has, by and large, benefited businesses immensely, it has also generated challenges. Managing and optimising growing portfolios is, for example, time-consuming. The need to utilise several applications to perform single tasks also adversely effects productivity. Additionally, most ‘off-the-shelf’ software is lacking the functionality required to be truly effective.

ROCK can provide a solution for these and all other complications brought about by the need to employ large software portfolios. From bespoke consoles designed to ease the process of overseeing product licenses, developing platforms through which several software types can be used simultaneously or even creating bespoke applications designed to address specific needs, ROCK have the expertise needed to create transformative and lasting solutions.

What We Offer


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Digital Transformation

Improving the in-store retail experience with technology


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Digital Transformation

Innovate to motivate: maintaining employee morale in uncertain times


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Property Management

Tech in the post-COVID-19 property market


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Prolonging sustainable practice beyond crisis


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