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We empower our clients to focus on creating beautiful spaces, whilst we build beautiful networks, implement smart collaborative tools and save time with innovative digital file repositories.

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For several decades, technology has had a profound effect on the architectural sector, with professionals frequently embracing any that enabled greater efficiency and aided innovative design. Today, facing increasing competition and more complex requirements and demands, architects can benefit from recent developments in tech more than ever.

ROCK understands the unique and multifaceted challenges architectural firms are required to navigate in the information era. Designs must be environmentally friendly in order to satisfy regulations. Clients’ demands typically result in work needed to be completed more rapidly than ever before. There is also, as ever, a need to ensure a variety of administrative duties – from employee training to the management of outsourced workers – are observed and completed to a high-standard.

We blend industry knowledge with auditing processes that allow us to garner a comprehensive understanding of each client’s organisation – their models, procedures and goals – and our unparalleled technical knowledge to create bespoke digital transformation strategies for each of our clients. 

Having worked with multiple architects throughout the UK, ROCK have identified a number of common practices that typically bring about increased productivity. From macro changes to infrastructure that have facilitated the adoption of VR systems that aid design, to micro changes that have enabled cost reductions and a variety of solutions for pain points specific to individual firms, we have consistently developed plans that have generated positive and sustainable change. 


What We Do

  • Firm up data protection practices, systems and policies
  • Effective cloud storage and file-sharing solution consulting
  • Develop digital transformation strategies with a result focused approach
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery consulting services
  • Develop collaboration solutions for communication with clients and staff
  • App development, LOB integration and automation


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Cyber Security

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Digital Transformation

Creating your roadmap for digital transformation


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Digital Transformation

Blending ICT and knowledge management to drive innovation


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Comparing disaster recovery and business continuity


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