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Data Centre Solutions

ROCK blend holistic awareness of our clients’ requirements with a comprehensive understanding of the services offered by data centres to identify solutions that enhance organisational performance and robustness.

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Big data solutions for all

It has been predicted that, by the end of 2020, the equivalent of 1.7 megabytes will be created by every person on earth with each passing second. The current global population is estimated to be 7.7 billion so, if these predictions are correct, we’ll be generating 13,090 terabytes of data every second, 47 million terabytes an hour and more than a billion terabytes of data per day – and this figure is only going to grow.

With this data often capable of providing valuable insight, it must be maintained and analysed before it is possible to determine what should be retained and what can be expunged. As a result, demand for storage space continues to grow and, with on-site infrastructure rarely capable of meeting the resultant storage demands of anyone other than the world’s largest organisations, the majority of companies will need to leverage data centre services as a result. 

Tailored data centre solutions

Applying an auditing procedure that uses qualitative analysis and quantitative methodologies, ROCK develop a comprehensive understanding of our clients’ organisations before developing data centre solutions that will meet their precise needs while adhering to pre-agreed budgets. These solutions will typically not only address storage needs, but also enhance business resiliency and enable the adoption of numerous virtualised services that generate significant savings.

We are also able to assist companies looking to migrate from one data centre to another or any that are looking to improve services they are contractually obliged to retain.

Support and refinement

ROCK regularly review our implementations to ensure data centre solutions we develop provide our clients with the best possible outcomes. We also provide 24-hour managed IT support 365 days a year, coupled with proactive monitoring to ensure that your network infrastructure is continuously monitored and its health maintained. 


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