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Cloud Security & Backup

ROCK utilise powerful solutions harnessing artificial intelligence to secure client data stored in virtual locations.

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Secure cloud storage

Data centres and online storage provide vital contingencies capable of countering the incredibly negative effects of data loss and downtime. Contrary to popular belief, though, data that is stored in the cloud is not immune to the actions of cyber criminals and, with data breaches posing a significant threat to businesses’ wellbeing, must be protected as a result.

Furthermore, with cyber criminals continuously developing methods of attack that are increasingly advanced, strategies designed to counter them must be equally sophisticated in order to provide solutions that are sufficiently robust.

Online storage secured by AI

ROCK’s cyber security solutions leverage the power, consistency and aptitude of artificial intelligence. By continuously analysing vast datasets pertaining to recent cyber attacks, this technology is able to identify and isolate even the most complex threats. Furthermore, by unremittingly observing all activity across virtualised networks, AI can quickly identify atypical behaviour that is likely to be malicious and isolate it accordingly.

ROCK is also able to work with all major cloud platforms to ensure countermeasures are implemented correctly and vitally, that our clients’ virtual data is regularly backed up to ensure its durability.

Unique and agile-by-design

Every strategy ROCK design and implement is informed by a comprehensive audit that allows us to glean a complete and rounded understanding of our clients’ organisations, practices, models and objectives. This allows us to develop strategies that are completely bespoke and address the unique problems their organisations face.

All of our strategies are subjected to scrutiny at regular intervals in order to ensure they continue to deliver effective means of securing virtual systems. ROCK also offer 24-hour support to our clients that is available every day of the year in order to instil them with unparalleled confidence and peace of mind.


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