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Disaster Recovery

ROCK leverage holistic understandings of organisations’ practices, their models and the sectors within which they operate to develop and implement bespoke and highly-effective disaster recovery plans.

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Addressing increasingly dangerous environments   

In a world that is continuously becoming more complex, threats to businesses’ health grow with each passing day. With the need to address cyber crime, increasingly complicated infrastructures and political uncertainty – business’s contingency plans are now multi-faceted affairs and preparing them has become a highly complicated task.

ROCK, however, can develop disaster recovery plans that, having considered virtually all possible eventualities, ensure that strategies that substantiate organisational robustness are in place.

Bespoke plans for reliable solutions

An in-depth and holistic understanding of an organisation’s practices, business models, the industry within which they operate and numerous other details are required in order to determine the threats they are likely to face. ROCK therefore utilise comprehensive auditing practices leveraging both qualitative and quantitative methodologies to ensure we have obtained a substantial understanding of each of these various elements before drafting strategies designed to combat prospective hazards.

Following initial strategies having been prepared, they are refined via external and internal collaboration before the various steps identified within are optimised and implemented.

Constant evolution

Due to environments being in a constant state of flux, ROCK’s plans are continuously reviewed and revised to ensure that solutions remain effective and, vitally, can be enacted rapidly whenever required.

With ROCK’s comprehensive, highly-scrutinised and multi-faceted disaster recovery strategies in place, businesses can rest assured that likely threats have been considered and that practicable and rapidly actionable plans to counter them are in place.


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