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Internet of things (IoT)

ROCK develop nuanced understandings of our clients’ models and customs to determine how connected devices can add value to their organisations.

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Connectivity delivering value

The Internet of Things may be amongst the most talked about topics in tech but surprisingly few decision-makers are aware of the numerous ways it can improve workplaces or business processes.

By allowing a variety of devices to communicate and share data with one another, IoT can create more secure workplaces, be used to automate processes and provide insight that yield more informed decisions. It may not yet have received the attention it warrants, but IoT technology has the potential to significantly and positively impact business performance.

Tailoring solutions to you

The biggest barrier to adoption concerning the Internet of Things is undoubtedly attributable to the volume of connected devices currently on offer. When combined with the APIs, software and analytical tools needed to fully leverage the benefits of connected devices, the task of determining how IoT can be used to generate organisational improvement can quickly become overwhelming.

By undertaking a comprehensive audit of a client’s organisation and learning about their practices, methodologies and models, ROCK’s consultants can fully utilise their knowledge of technology to deliver digital transformation and IoT strategies that provide meaningful benefits to businesses.

Continued support and refinement

With technologies continuously evolving, all digital strategies must be scrutinised at regular intervals lest they are certain to become ineffective. ROCK, therefore, subject all plans we develop to analysis at predetermined intervals to ensure all solutions are optimised, up-to-date and as effective as possible.

We are not just a vendor, we’re your partner.


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