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ROCK work with organisations who want to benefit from a next-gen approach to building their market penetration, tech capabilities and reduce their risk exposure to downtime, cyber attacks and data privacy infringements.

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Of all the industries affected by developments in technology, the media and entertainment sector have undoubtedly witnessed the most profound and pronounced change.

Traditional consumption mediums have fundamentally shifted towards digitised models. Rarely do consumers wait for scheduled content, opting instead to view it on-demand. Publishers of all kinds are now dependent not upon the circulation of their physical offerings, but instead on website traffic. Finally, with the means of producing content now more accessible than ever before, competition for viewer’s and reader’s attention is greater than at any time in history.

ROCK, by developing an understanding of our clients’ goals, infrastructures and models, allow organisations to leverage this unprecedented disruption to enhance and drive uptake of their offerings.

Blending knowledge of individual organisations with awareness of industry developments and consummate technical expertise, ROCK can produce digital transformation strategies that deliver palpable improvement to organisations operating within the media and entertainment sector.


What We Do

  • Firm up data protection practices, systems and policies
  • Develop organisational and cultural risk aversion services
  • Create digital strategies that attract the best talent
  • Drive results with coherent data analysis and reporting
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery consulting services
  • Next-gen tech solution consulting, including AR and VR


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