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Marketing, Advertising & PR

With so many streams of media and new content today, it's hard to stand out in the busy brand landscape. We mix our expertise in IT, communications and consultancy to propel our clients (and their clients) forward.

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Reaching consumers and driving awareness of goods and services whilst also affecting their perceptions of brands, organisations and prominent individuals, marketing and PR professionals can harness a variety of digital tools to help them achieve their goals. Digital behemoths such as Google and Facebook – along with multiple others – are also continuously developing new forms of online advertising and means of influencing opinions via digital platforms. 

With frequent developments, though, come confusing landscapes. Identifying the right platforms for campaigns can be a time-consuming and problematic task. Effective strategies also typically leverage several channels which each generate a large amount of data. This information can, when it is subjected to in-depth and nuanced analysis, yield valuable insight. Due to its sheer vastness and the fact it is held on disparate platforms, however, examining it requires both high-capacity storage and significant amounts of time. 

ROCK has worked with numerous organisations throughout the marketing and PR sectors and possess a holistic understanding of both these and the other challenges they face. Having developed unique digital transformation strategies for each, we have enabled superior analytical practices – driven by automation and virtualised hardware – to deliver expeditious data breakdowns. We have also amalgamated various sets of digital information to ease the process of manually reviewing information where necessary.

We help marketers and PR professionals navigate terrain that is in a constant state of flux to achieve lasting and meaningful change. 


What We Do

  • Drive results with coherent data analysis and reporting
  • Competitor and key client market research services
  • Collaboration solutions that enable 24/7 staff and client comms
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery consulting services
  • Build client experience strategies that power repeat business
  • Organisational and cultural risk aversion services


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