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ROCK works with construction companies who are looking to grow even under the constraints of environmental pressure and regulation; looking instead to take advantage of technology advances.

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The UK’s construction industry has – with political uncertainty, environmental concerns and the rising costs of materials – reached a tipping point. Organisations must embrace digital change in order to win contracts, to maintain sustainable processes and, ultimately, remain competitive.

ROCK have helped numerous companies within this sector develop digital transformation strategies that have driven improvements across various functions including bidding strategies, supply chain management, procurement and project management.

We possess a comprehensive understanding of the unique challenges businesses operating within the construction industry face. Teaming this with unparalleled technical knowledge and an in-depth auditing process that yields a nuanced understanding of each of our client’s organisations, we develop digital transformation strategies that streamline multiple processes, bring about more efficient behaviours and, ultimately, enable superior performance and profitability.

Our strategies are also entirely bespoke and unique to our client’s organisations. They are, as a result, designed to not just address typical challenges throughout the construction sector, but also any that are unique to the affected organisation.


What We Do

  • Mobile device fleet management to streamline staff management
  • Collaboration solutions that enable better staff and client comms
  • Improving management and enterprise agility
  • Rethink supply chains to enable cost reduction and efficiency
  • Organisational and cultural risk aversion services
  • Monitor client and supplier risk strategies


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