Project Implementation

ROCK review and enrich IT project implementation strategies. Building plans around our clients, we develop strategies that identify and address barriers before undertaking installations as required.

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Precise project execution; seamless transitions

Developing strategies that leverage new technology with the intention of improving performance is, within modern and forward-thinking businesses, a vital practice. Amidst the tasks of identifying affordable equipment, ensuring it is compatible with existing infrastructures, as well as whether it is practicable and efficient – one vital undertaking is regularly overlooked.

Without a well-thought-out implementation strategy, the process of making plans a reality can quickly become overly disruptive, adversely affecting productivity, morale and even profitability. ROCK can develop bespoke and nuanced implementation strategies that minimise interference and disturbance by keeping key systems operational, ensuring that vital resources remain accessible and, ultimately, that employees are not hindered throughout the implementation process.

Implementation plans built around you

The best business strategies are those which are formulated whilst current circumstances, practices and context are considered. Whether tasked with project implementation, strategy development, infrastructural improvement or anything else, ROCK leverage intensive processes in order to glean an in-depth understanding of each of our clients. In doing so, we ensure that we are in possession of all of the salient information we need to create strategies that meet their unique needs.

Utilising a series of consultations, ROCK will enrich existing briefs, developing ways of working around identified problems and detecting other possible concerns as well as means of solving them. Resultant implementation plans are then scrutinised – both internally and by the client – to ensure that all permutations have been considered.

Client-centric project execution

Once a strategy has been agreed, ROCK provide clients with a fully prepared document containing vital information such as deadlines for key events, our objectives and the techniques that will be used to minimise disruption. This practice, part of a wider process known as HUDDLE, will also set out acceptance criteria containing frameworks – used to determine if the project has been completed successfully – that will be utilised throughout and following the completion of the installation process.


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