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ROCK blend an in-depth understanding of our client’s organisations with comprehensive audits of their infrastructure in order to identify change that will help them achieve their goals.

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IT audits: ensuring you’re ahead of the curve

Technology is capable of some truly remarkable things – and nowhere is this more evident than in the world of business where digital transformations yield new, innovative and more impressive means of improving organisations every day.

With constantly shifting landscapes, however, comes a need to regularly review existing infrastructure. Tech that was highly-effective several months ago can quickly become ineffective, hinder performance or generate security problems. A proactive approach, on the other hand, can ensure security, drive productivity and deliver a competitive advantage.

Comprehensive; bespoke; transformative

Teaming technical and industry knowledge with both qualitative and quantitative research methodologies that provide an in-depth understanding of a client’s organisation and objectives, ROCK can audit existing infrastructures and identify changes or new installations that will drive considerable improvement.

We can, for example, virtualise infrastructure in order to develop more robust networks whilst simultaneously reducing outgoings. Various procedures can also be automated to improve productivity. Next-generation antivirus software, too, can significantly reduce the prospect of cyber attacks succeeding. The myriad of ways functions can be enhanced by technology are, quite simply, too varied for an exhaustive list to be provided. 

The consequences of inaction

Research has shown that downtime brought about by network outages typically costs businesses in excess of £70,000 per hour. Inefficient cyber security can, following the introduction of GDPR, lead to fines upwards of £8 million. Finally, organisations that adopt more efficient practices can quickly start outperforming their competitors.

Make no mistake, ignoring the need to analyse your digital assets will inevitably harm your organisation. Don’t get left behind.


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