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Assisting Your IT Department

ROCK work with in-house IT departments. Leveraging a holistic understanding of setups, practices and client objectives, we develop bespoke strategies tailored to the needs of both the client and their IT professionals.

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Adding value through IT support

With technology – and therefore IT – in a constant state of flux, solutions that were highly effective just six months ago can be outdated and unproductive today. Whilst this has brought about a need for IT professionals to continuously subject infrastructures to regular analysis, in-house departments consistently find that the need to undertake a variety of other essential tasks prevents them from doing so.

Furthermore, with setups becoming more complex and varied, the responsibilities of in-house IT professionals can become unclear. Is, for example, an organisation’s systems administrator or data protection officer responsible for cyber security? Should IT departments or senior management be responsible for creating and maintaining backup and resilience strategies? These ambiguities create gaps in policies that threaten organisational wellbeing as well as hinder their performance.

Your trusted partner

ROCK can work with in-house IT departments across a broad range of requirements. Mindful of the fact that every business will have its own individual needs, we’ll undertake an in-depth analysis of various setups, practices and objectives in order to create a bespoke plan that clearly outlines how we can assist internal departments and add considerable value to operations.

Common examples of the assistance we can provide include network monitoring where we ensure that this vital resource is continuously performing at optimum capacity in order to aid productivity. Alternatively, we can improve a company’s cyber security measures or identify alterations to infrastructure that will drive efficiencies.

We view our clients as more than mere customers, we consider them to be our partners. Their success is integral to ours, of course, and ROCK will share accountability with their IT departments whilst always seeking to drive considerable improvements as a result.


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