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Cyber Resilience

ROCK audit clients’ organisations in order to determine and implement effective contingencies that counter the negative effects brought about when digital infrastructure fails.

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Maintaining productivity… and profitability

Whilst developments in technology have had an overwhelmingly positive impact on businesses, the continuous adoption of hardware, software, virtualised infrastructures etc. has generated one significant weakness: dependence.

Because the vast majority of organisations are now dependent on some or, more likely, several types of technology, failure can lead to downtime – and downtime brings significant financial loss. For SMEs, the figure averages £70,000 per hour. Larger organisations will suffer comparable losses for every minute of downtime they suffer.

Even though there are a multitude of ways technology can fail, though, there are an equally large number of contingencies organisations can leverage to minimise the risk of downtime.

Mitigating the risk of downtime

With ROCK, your organisation can circumvent the substantial threat posed by unreliable digital infrastructures; we’ll undertake a comprehensive audit of your various systems to identify potential threats as well as means of negating them.

We can, for example, enhance your cyber security and develop comprehensive backup strategies to protect you from the negative effects of digital crime. We can also install 4G routers throughout various locations in order to facilitate connectivity in the event of network failure.  We can even provide on-site training to staff in order to ensure they’re aware of how their actions can bring about downtime.

Solutions that evolve

With digital threats becoming increasingly more numerous and sophisticated – coupled with business models that must adapt in order to remain competitive – cyber resilience strategies must continuously evolve in parallel.

For this reason, ROCK regularly scrutinise and amend clients’ strategies as required. In doing so, we are able to rapidly identify defects and weaknesses brought about by alterations to infrastructure and address them accordingly.

A business that can leverage resilient digital infrastructure incorporating multiple contingencies is one that is prepared to face the numerous challenges that they will inevitably encounter. ROCK can – by harnessing unparalleled technical knowledge, commercial acumen and a comprehensive understanding of a client’s organisation – develop strategies that will help them weather all conceivable storms.


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