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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

ROCK work with clients to determine how their organisations can use artificial intelligence to enhance performance, reduce costs and aid decision making.

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Cutting-edge automation

Discussions focussing on artificial intelligence are typically dominated by the ethical implications brought about by the adoption of such systems. The myriad of ways it can be used to augment, enhance and improve multiple business functions have, as a result, simply not received the level of coverage they warrant.

This lack of column inches has, when combined with perceptions of AI as impracticable and alien, prevented it from gaining meaningful traction within the world of business. Services capable of improving security, marketing, customer service, fulfilment, finance and numerous other functions are, as a result, criminally underused.

Cognitive automation, insight and engagement

Unlike basic automation which is programmed to repeat a task, AI-based services require some degree of cognitive functionality. To put it another way, it must be capable of mimicking traits that we would typically consider human such as problem solving or analysis.

The most sophisticated examples of automation use artificial intelligence in some capacity; artificial intelligence systems capable of analysing mammograms and diagnosing breast cancer more effectively than radiologists are an excellent example. On the face of things, this system reviews images, identifies signs that would indicate the presence of cancer and provides diagnoses accordingly. This programme, though, can also identify trends and patterns. It is capable of critical thinking – and is also faster and more accurate than its human counterparts.

Further examples include automated customer service agents that, by analysing a caller’s tone, choice of words etc. can accurately answer customer queries. Other tools can examine and even critique large data sets to aid decision-makers.

Tailored to you

Identifying AI that is capable of improving an organisation’s performance is reliant upon both technical know-how and a comprehensive understanding of what the institution does and what it wants to achieve.

ROCK’s team of consultants leverage collaborative auditing procedures to gather such an understanding and develop strategies harnessing AI accordingly.


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