Why You Need Remote IT Support

Today, staff often work from multiple locations. Most teams no longer operate within one central office, with employees empowered to work from anywhere by hybrid and remote working options. This allows your team to be more versatile and dynamic, and is a trend that many UK businesses are adopting. 

According to Stand Out CV, 44% of British people work from home offices at least some of the time. This not only changes the game when it comes to business management but also IT Support.  

When a large amount of your staff isn’t at your main office for portions of the working week, traditional solutions like on-site IT support may not be as effective. 

Instead, you need technology services that are as adaptive, flexible, and agile for your business. For this working arrangement, you need remote IT support. 

Learn more about this specific type of IT support and how it best aligns with your business to push it forward. 

What is remote IT Support? 

Remote IT support is an IT solution that helps businesses get the most out of their IT infrastructure. This can include many things like network monitoring to spot issues, troubleshooting to fix reported problems, and software & license management to ensure all your systems are up to date. 

In its essence, IT support optimises your business technology so that it’s more effective. Remote IT support does this in a unique way. 

Remote IT Support Definition:

Remote IT Support is a way to deliver IT support services without needing engineers to complete site visits. This is offered through communication channels like phone, email, and direct chat. It also includes the ability to access and control devices remotely using remote support software to fix issues. 

For remote IT support to work effectively, service desk workers need to gain permission to access and troubleshoot devices, software, and systems remotely. With this access, support teams can quickly diagnose and fix issues without needing to physically visit the business location. 

There are two main types of remote IT support: 

  1. Attended: This is remote IT support where the end-user is using a device and needs support immediately. A support worker would remotely access the device with the user present and work through the issue in real-time. 
  2. Unattended: This remote IT support allows technicians to remotely access devices without an end-user present. This type of remote support is great for managing infrastructure, installing software updates, and fixing non-urgent issues. Support teams can remotely optimise systems and devices without impacting productivity. 

Remote IT support will use both types to deliver a comprehensive service. 

What Remote IT Support Includes 

Remote IT support includes everything you can expect from standard IT support, it’s just delivered from a remote environment. The only limitation is that there’s no on-site support when you just get a remote service. Thankfully, our IT support offer callouts giving businesses access to physical assistance when needed. This means you get the benefits of both.  

With remote IT support, you can expect: 

  • 24-hour system monitoring 
  • Hardware and software maintenance 
  • Warranty and license management 
  • Server maintenance 
  • A support deck for troubleshooting 
  • Data backup and recovery 
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When Is Remote IT Support Most Useful? 

Remote IT support can benefit every type of business, regardless of size or industry. It’s an economical way to access expert IT support which enhances the capabilities of your technology. It’s great for all, but for certain situations, there are no questions about its impact. 

Remote/Hybrid Employees

Businesses with a high percentage of hybrid workers benefit a lot from remote IT support. 

According to Apollo Technical, working remotely can increase productivity by 77%, but only if you have the right IT support in place. Remote IT support gives these workers equal access to assistance as your on-site employees do. It enables them to be more productive, as they’ll be able to get help quickly from a support team.

The 24-hour nature of off-site IT support also helps remote staff in different time zones, as they’ll also be able to get efficient help no matter when they need it. 

External Staff:  

External staff present a similar situation to remote workers: they infrequently visit the main office. Remote support equips them with IT that they can use to improve their ability and achieve the goals of the business. 

Business with Multiple Facilities:  

Larger businesses with multiple locations can improve their capabilities with remote IT support. With this solution, you don’t need IT support teams for each office, instead, a remote one assists all. Remote IT support ensures that issues across all locations are fixed and centralises your support into a single service. 

Benefits of Remote IT Support 

Increased Efficiency 

With this type of support, you’re not waiting for problems to be fixed. Issues are resolved remotely without the need for support workers to travel to your location. This saves time and aids your productivity. 

Plus, with off-site IT support, service desks can handle more requests at once, boosting overall efficiency. Continuous, 24/7 monitoring also identifies issues early before they can impact workers, preventing problems in the future. 


Remote IT support removes the need to integrate an on-site support team at your business. Instead, you pay for a managed service that gives you access to expert support for less. This creates cost savings that allow you to save on your IT budget, enabling you to invest in other areas that help your business. 

More flexibility 

Remote IT support allows your business to be flexible. Staff can work from anywhere, improving how dynamic you can be. Being untied from a single location allows you to branch out, and work with talent in different areas or time zones who could be more qualified. 

Improved Customer Service  

The instant resolution of remote IT support improves the customer service that your team experiences, improving morale and mood within the organisation. Better customer support for clients allows them to be more effective and utilise the technology available to them in useful ways. 

Enhanced Security  

Remote support can also expand into cyber security, keeping your business safe and secure from threats. Remote monitoring and system management enable support teams to identify risks, giving them the tools to prevent security breaches. 

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Our Approach to Remote IT Support 

We understand the power of remote IT Support. Our service is robust and provides continuous support for you every hour of every day. As part of our IT support package, you’ll get access to qualified, expert IT support teams that can not only troubleshoot issues but work to prevent them. 

Our teams are compact, helping them to be agile and efficient, working hard to deliver a quality service. All we do is designed for you. Our remote IT support is tailored to your needs so that technology and IT can be used to benefit your business the most. 

Learn more about our IT support solutions  and what we can do to help transform your business into one that effectively uses technology to push it forward.   


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