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Travelers are pushing for more from their providers. ROCK helps to streamline organisations and implement innovative collaboration technology to help our clients get to their destination of operational excellence.

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The travel industry has – as exemplified by the collapse of Thomas Cook – been profoundly affected by disruptive technologies. With the widespread adoption of the internet having yielded multiple websites affording consumers greater control of the various components that typically comprise a holiday, traditional travel agents are subjected to truly unprecedented challenges. 

In order to counter the threat posed by these alternatives, long-established institutions need to update their offerings and better meet the demands of consumers. A nuanced, considered and informed digital transformation strategy can allow them to do this. 

Big data and associated analytical tools can, for example, facilitate the expeditious identification of trends. Implementing automation throughout various functions such as customer service, marketing and administration can also bring about significant savings thus enabling more competitive pricing. Various forms of technology such as AI, wearables, augmented reality and more can also be leveraged to provide sales departments with highly-persuasive tools as well as enhance accommodations and transport methods. 

ROCK possess a comprehensive understanding of the barriers that companies operating within the travel and tourism industries must overcome. Fusing this with a holistic understanding of tech and auditing processes that provide an in-depth understanding of our clients’ organisations, we develop bespoke digital transformation strategies designed to facilitate considerable, measurable and sustainable improvements.


What We Do

  • Develop digital transformation strategies with a result focused approach
  • Supplier and client risk strategy development and monitoring
  • Improve client experience through IoT and automation tools
  • Firm up data protection practices, systems and policies
  • Competitor and key client market research services
  • Monitor key metrics and data to build key customer insights


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