With a number of political, environmental and social changes looming; ROCK leverages the power of tech to help organisations in the transport industry to build a smarter, slicker business model for the new age.

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All organisations that work within the field of transport provision face unique and frequently complex challenges, but ROCK can aid the development of tech-centric solutions to address them.

Conversations concerning technology and transportation inevitably revolve around AI; specifically, self-driving vehicles and the ways in which they’ll fundamentally transform not just industries but society as a whole. In reality, though, this industry benefits from a number of arguably less advanced but undeniably more implementable tech-based solutions.

The drive towards autonomy – coupled with IoT – has, however, catalysed the generation of large amounts of data which, having originated from vehicles and their various components, can provide valuable insights. Subjecting this information to intensive analysis can identify trends that could potentially be used to ease congestion, for example. Reviewing individual driver behaviour can yield understandings of how vehicles are typically used to further improve performance. Considering data concerning the popularity of services at different times of the day, week etc. can also help public transport providers increase or reduce availability of services to better meet demand. 


What We Do

  • Improve client experience through IoT and automation tools
  • Mobile device fleet management to streamline staff management
  • Bespoke application design, build and maintenance
  • Build client experience strategies that power repeat business
  • Rethink supply chains to enable cost reduction and efficiency
  • Competitor and key client market research services


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