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We support clients in their move towards flexible working and the use of technology to disrupt traditional recruiting practices, whilst placing a strong emphasis on data protection and standing out from the crowd.

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The development of the internet has brought about significant changes in the way recruitment agencies operate. In 2018, studies revealed that more than 85% of job applications were submitted online. The advent of social media and job boards have also transformed the way recruiters seek out candidates. For all the technology that recruiters commonly leverage, though, ROCK consistently find that few organisations are using it to its full potential. 

Whilst numerous recruitment agencies use digital advertising in some way, for example, many do not review the data their campaigns generate. In turn, they do not optimize their promotions resulting in inferior performance and financial waste. Many also still manually review the CVs and vast amounts of correspondence they receive instead of relying on dependable and efficient processes driven by AI and automation. 

ROCK understands the unique challenges those operating within the recruitment sector face. Combining this with unmatched technical expertise, business acumen and an in-depth understating of each client’s organisation, we create bespoke digital transformation strategies that catalyse more productive behaviour and superior performance. 

Identifying shortcomings in existing infrastructure and tech-based solutions that will enhance output, ROCK’s strategies enable practices that yield considerable competitive advantage. 


What We Do

  • Create digital strategies that stand out and attract the best talent
  • Firm up data protection practices, systems and policies
  • App development, LOB integration and automation
  • Collaboration solutions that enable 24/7 staff and client comms
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery consulting services
  • Monitor key metrics and data to build key customer insights


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