We understand the challenges facing manufacturing and the need to keep up with changes such as IoT and cyber security. We can help keep your organisation growing whilst transforming the digital capabilities and outputs.

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Having worked with multiple clients throughout the manufacturing sector, ROCK understands the unique challenges faced by organisations operating within this industry. Heavily reliant on automated processes and machinery, manufacturing prizes efficient practice and reliable equipment – both of which can be enhanced by a bespoke digital transformation strategy developed by ROCK.

AI and machine learning, automation and IoT are three technologies capable of having a particularly profound effect on businesses specialising in manufacturing. In particular, they can be harnessed to enable deep-learning procedures that are able to identify signs of failure in equipment and enable repairs to be made before they malfunction and bring about costly downtime.

Allowing various devices to share and feed information into analytical software can also be used as a means of increasing productivity. Reviewing the real-time insights this practice generates can yield valuable findings that lead to actionable gains. More efficiently managed supply chain processes are also eminently achievable when IoT is leveraged correctly.

Automating processes, both within and external to the manufacturing process itself, can minimise waste, ensure that goods are produced to a consistently high-quality, enable superior inventory management procedures and minimise carbon footprints. 

Harnessing our knowledge of the manufacturing industry, technical knowledge and an in-depth understanding of each client gleaned from comprehensive audits, ROCK develop digital transformation strategies that deliver superior practices and tangible, sustainable growth and organisational health.


What We Do

  • CRM/LOB software development that tailors your systems to you
  • Monitor client and supplier risk strategies
  • Operations and Procurement design and development
  • Address skills shortages with improved talent strategies
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery consulting services
  • Coherent reporting and data analysis for vendors and partners


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