Considering the huge focus on ethical sourcing and waste, we're helping our clients use tech to improve client experience, report on important metrics and focus on effective social responsibility strategies.

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Whilst always competitive, the retail sector – owing to an ever-more diverse array of trends and associated demands – is in need of increasingly intelligent solutions in order to provide consumers with the products they desire.

Within the world of retail, success is typically reliant on robust supply chains, accurate forecasting regarding consumers’ requirements, offerings that offer value-for-money and exceptional customer service that consistently provides patrons with an outstanding experience. With many organisations moving from "bricks to clicks", reliance on technology is increasing and ROCK are helping their clients with this transformation. 

ROCK can develop digital transformation strategies that leverage various forms of technology to palpably improve supply chain management, trend analysis and demand generation, as well as drive more cost-efficient practices and improve customer/user experience.

We have worked with numerous organisations throughout the retail sector and have harnessed powerful forms of technology including automation and AI, big data and analytical tools, infrastructural enhancements and more to deliver positive change.

Blending a comprehensive understanding of the retail sector as a whole with a nuanced understanding of our clients' organisations and unparalleled technical knowledge, ROCK create digital transformation strategies that leverage technology to generate superior practices and sustainable growth. 


What We Do

  • Monitor key metrics and data to build key customer insights
  • Develop digital transformation strategies with a result focused approach
  • Competitor and key client market research services
  • Monitor client and supplier risk strategies
  • Retail network infrastructure planning and implementation
  • Rethink supply chains to enable cost reduction and efficiency


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