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In possession of what is typically amongst the most valuable and exploitable personal data available, businesses that operate within financial services are an attractive target for the cybercriminal. Such organisations are also typically affected by high rates of client turnover and need to continuously optimise sales processes as a result. With markets invariably tumultuous, too, resilience plans must be subjected to constant scrutiny.

These are just a handful of the challenges financial institutions face and ever more efficient procedures also need to be developed. Algorithms used to assess risk must be analysed and refined. Meeting customers’ needs in today’s always-on world poses further problems: clients now expect approved finances to be transferred within extremely short time frames furthering the need for robust logistics models and cybersecurity measures.

ROCK understands the unique challenges organisations operating within the financial services sector face. Vitally, we’re also au fait with current and developing technologies that can drive tangible and sustainable progress across several business functions, thus ensuring our clients remain highly-competitive.


What We Do

  • App development, LOB integration and automation
  • Coherent financial reporting and big data analysis
  • Build client experience strategies that foster loyalty and trust
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery consulting services
  • Vulnerability and physical penetration testing and reporting
  • Crisis and organisation stabilisation services


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Digital Transformation

Avoiding the pitfalls of rapid digital transformation


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Performance Improvement

Small Data will be key to understanding your ‘new normal’


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Prolonging sustainable practice beyond crisis


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Foster an obsessive culture to deliver exceptional customer service


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