Banking is changing considerably. Automation, Blockchain and AI are reshaping an industry that is monumentally shifting from bricks to clicks. We help our clients in the banking sector find the right path forward.

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Much-maligned and frequently subjected to excessive scrutiny, the banking industry is – whilst a powerhouse in economic terms – seemingly just one mistake away from an event that will irreparably damage the way it is perceived by the public.

Cybersecurity then is a significant concern for the UK’s banks – particularly as they hold significant amounts of sensitive and confidential data. Their security infrastructure must be optimised at every turn and, furthermore, subjected to intensive scrutiny following any alterations to networks, procedures etc.

As with all businesses, the banking industry must also strive to be more efficient; to improve its offerings and to provide its customers with a better service. ROCK have worked with numerous organisations throughout the banking sector and understand the numerous and multifaceted challenges they face as a result.

In each instance, we have taken our unparalleled knowledge of technology and – having also gleaned a comprehensive understanding of the client’s organisation, practices, models and objectives – created digital transformation strategies that have enabled them to meet these and other challenges whilst also delivering meaningful and sustainable positive change.


What We Do

  • Vulnerability and physical penetration testing and reporting
  • Build client experience strategies that foster loyalty and trust
  • Competitor and key client market research services
  • Redefine customer journeys and associated touch points
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery consulting services
  • Enhanced data utilization planning and implementation



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Digital strategies in the time of COVID-19


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Digital Transformation

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