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We transform organisations

When effectively implemented, technology can deliver truly ground-breaking transformative change capable of delivering industry success. ROCK was founded upon this belief and, as we’ve continuously provided clients with digital transformation strategies that have consistently helped them to achieve this, it is no longer merely a belief – it is now a resolute, unwavering and iron-clad conviction.

Initially forming as a sole trader in 2008, ROCK have, in little more than a decade, emerged as one of the UK’s leading and most innovative providers of IT. We are driven and are passionate about – are excited by – ambition and a desire to fundamentally change landscapes for the better. Blending this with a zealous devotion to staying at the forefront of tech and its ability to improve all organisations; we work with those that share our core beliefs and desire to re-shape processes, industries – and lives – for the better.

Our Mission:

At ROCK, we are guided by our mission to have a transformative impact on our clients and abide by our True North values – our unwavering commitment to doing the right thing by our clients, our people and to innovate beyond imagination.
We help our clients make distinctive, lasting and substantial improvements in their performance, whilst building a business that attracts, develops, excites and retains exceptional people.

We innovate - and never compromise

Businesses will inevitably encounter challenges. Eventually, they find themselves confronted by a problem that demands considerable thought; an issue to which no obvious solution exists and that invites compromise. ROCK reject compromise. We innovate.

Most accept what can’t be done – we think such a mindset is restrictive: if a solution doesn’t exist, we’ll build one. Blending technical expertise with dogged determination and invention, we find permanent solutions – not short-term fixes.


We fixate on our clients

In return for the trust they place in us, our clients are offered a unique experience. Collaborative approaches and the cultivation of sophisticated understandings concerning our clients’ practices and goals underpin ROCK’s offerings. We leverage these vital practices to identify and implement change that enhances client performance.

As part of their evolutionary journey with ROCK, each of our clients will experience at least one audit of their digital infrastructure. We're proud of the direct, personalised time that our consultants spend building the perfect solutions for the forward-thinking organisations that form our client base.


We harness an army of exceptional people

Passionate about technology and its ability to transform organisations; zealously dedicated to exceptionalism; unwaveringly devoted to finding the right – and often pioneering – solutions to complex problems – ROCK’s people embody our core values.

We’re distinctly different to other consultancy firms, both in the collaborative and innovative approach we harness for clients and the internal culture we create. ROCK is led from the top but our products and services are informed by a bottom up approach harnessing the insight, skills and knowledge of our extraordinary people.



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