Rob Dance

Founder & CEO

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About Rob

As CEO, Rob is ROCK’s chief strategist. He is responsible for determining organisational strategy and driving both our – and our client’s organisations – forward.

A self-starter, Rob noted that ICT support services were consistently leaving multiple business owners feeling underwhelmed. He began offering a variety of services whilst simultaneously working towards a BA in Business Administration and ICT; following him graduating in 2007, he founded ROCK with just £1,000 and a van. Rob’s dedication to client-care, desire to deliver services that exceeded client expectation and that generated palpable improvement quickly paid dividends. In just over a decade, ROCK have grown into one of the UK’s leading providers of ICT support and consultancy services.

Throughout this period of exponential growth, Rob has instilled his own passions into both ROCK and its workforce. He firmly believes all clients are entitled to the very highest level of care, as well as innovative and transformational services. Rob has built a large team that share these values and who also embody the resilient spirit, dedication to teamwork and desire to innovate that he personifies.

Rob is passionate about technology and its ability to improve all conceivable organisational functions. Outside of work, he enjoys exercising and reading about developments within tech and business.


Rob’s areas of expertise include:

  • Digital Transformation
  • Emerging Trend Discovery
  • Information and Communication Network Strategy and Security
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Systems Integration and Software Design
  • User Experience Design and Enhancement

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