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ROCK are technology management consultants who utlise a collaborative approach to develop effective and innovative solutions, services and advice for clients seeking to improve, grow and become industry leaders. We've built our business by offering innovative, hollistic solutions that promote growth, resilience and increase profitability for our clients.


Our Mission:

At ROCK, we are guided by our mission to have a transformative impact on our clients and abide by our True North values - our unwavering commitment to always do the right thing by our clients, our people and to innovate beyond imagination.

We help our clients make distinctive, lasting and substantial improvements to their performance, whilst building a business that attracts, develops, excites and retains exceptional people. 


Your Strategic Partner in Technology

Good relationships are key to success. We're not just an IT solutions provider, we're your strategic partner. Our technology management consultants get to know you intricately so that projects roll out seamlessly across your organisation. Our great relationships form partnerships that drive true growth and long-term prosperity.

We subject our strategies and plans to frequent scrutiny and enhance them at regular intervals. In short, ROCK work alongside our clients to deliver both immediate results and long-term growth.





Technology can mean disruption. Whole industries have been shaken and some businesses have been destroyed by technological change. It is estimated that 70% of businesses could fail in the next three years if they do not prepare themselves for change.
ROCK's diversified suite of products and solutions are at the forefront of technology. Whatever happens in your industry and your business, ROCK will help you build your technology strategy so you can thrive.
Our competitors have struggled to replicate our success because we are one of the most diversified technology companies in the UK.

Our Services




Our award-winning culture, client obsession and aim to innovate beyond imagination are why we’re one of the most exciting and progressive technology firms in the world.

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Our culture attracts, develops, excites and retains exceptional people. When exceptional people work together in agile ways the result is a more focussed, stimulating, creative, collaborative and successful organisation.



We love grand challenges and solving complex problems through vision, creative thinking and execution. We trust and encourage our people to pursue their creative ideas and to question everything, so they can innovate beyond imagination.

Our goal is not simply to improve our clients’ organisations but to fundamentally change them for the better. Doing so typically requires dogged determination – a willingness to look beyond the obvious to develop innovative solutions to problems and ways of driving substantial and sustainable growth.


Inspiring Leadership

Our founder and CEO, Rob Dance, began providing IT support services in South Wales with just £1,000, a van, and a vision of developing the company through client obsession and innovation beyond imagination. Rob recognised that organisations were struggling to make the best use of technology and that digital transformation was disrupting industries; many businesses were severely hindered because they couldn't keep up with change and the ones using technology effectively were thriving.

Our leaders, following Rob's example, inspire greatness in every member of ROCK. They’re a skilled, experienced and driven team who embody our warrior spirit.

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An Agile Approach

The environments within which organisations operate are subject to frequent and substantive change. New technology is also developing rapidly. As institutions, technology and the world change, so must the strategies businesses have in place.

All strategies and solutions designed by ROCK are agile-by-design meaning that, when required, they can be amended rapidly. We also review both regularly to ensure they are continuously optimised.


Creating a Transformative Impact

ROCK persistently seek out innovative ways technology can improve organisational performance. Through strategic partnerships with our clients, we deliver transformative impact to their organisations. We persist at the forefront of technology, recognising that technology initiatives are the cornerstone of growth and long-term prosperity in every organisation.

We undertake comprehensive and regular audits of each organisation that we work with. The honed and nuanced understanding this provides allows us to identify and implement strategies that are entirely bespoke and that will deliver substantial and sustainable growth.

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