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How switching from old analogue lines to a VoIP phone system reduced a telecoms bill by 63%

Heavily reliant upon their telesales team, UtiliCo*, a utilities provider based in the East Midlands, suffered from declining performance when their existing telecoms solution began to sporadically drop calls. As a result, they contacted ROCK seeking a more robust comms solution.

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At a glance

  • Monthly telecoms bill reduced by 63%
  • No reported issues with call quality in the 12 months following installation
  • Telesales team conversion rate improved by 32%

The situation

The vast majority of UtiliCo’s sales were generated by a telesales team tasked with contacting leads purchased from an external supplier. When they began to experience difficulties with their phone systems, this posed a significant threat to the organisation’s wellbeing.

The company’s team reported that they had experienced calls dropping out whilst they were engaged in conversations with prospects. Furthermore, they reported that call quality was becoming increasingly poor. Both factors, they reported, had significantly impacted their performance as well as leaving them feeling unprepared and underconfident.

With their existing infrastructure adversely affecting profitability and staff morale, UtiliCo contacted ROCK, requesting that our telecoms division identify the cause of the problem, as well as a means of addressing it.

Having reviewed the relevant setup, ROCK’s consultancy team noted that UtiliCo were using ISDN lines reliant on ageing analogue-based infrastructure. The company already utilised a leased line for their internet connection, however, and enjoyed reliable and consistent up and download speeds. As a result, a dependable solution to their problem could be implemented rapidly.



Leveraging UtiliCo’s reliable digital network, ROCK installed our VoIP system across the organisation. Low cost monthly OPEX pricing was provided to spread hardware cost over the first 36 month period of the phone system being implemented. ROCK engineers provided all staff with training, ensuring they were comfortable with the new system. In total, the on-site implementation process took just two days even with a staggered introduction being used to minimise disruption.

To improve call quality and resiliency, a private internet line was installed with an industry leading uptime service level agreement, as well as backup internet services to make sure the office was consistently online.

With this system featuring a generous allowance of 5,000 minutes per user, the implementation of ROCK IP reduced UtiliCo’s communications expenditure by 63%. Additionally, thanks to superior call quality and improved coaching procedures brought about by ROCK IP’s analytical capabilities, UtiliCo’s telesales team’s conversion rate improved by 32% in the first 12 months of the system being in place.

*We value our clients and their right to a confidential consultation. While the name has been altered, the results are real.

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