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How ROCK’s IT Management services transformed an architectural firm

An independent architectural firm in London contacted ROCK after repeated system downtime and slow incident resolution meant their information communication was hindered and field staff were prevented from operating on several occasions.

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At a glance

  • 24/7/365 proactive network monitoring identified and resolved 96% of issues before an incident occurred
  • Incidents were resolved within eight minutes on average
  • 99.999'% uptime; increased productivity and stakeholders reported better employee morale
  • The Modern Office (TMO) audit identified one major security flaw and one connectivity issue with recommendations for resolution


A large independent architectural firm using mobile devices to display information to clients on-site suffered downtime during working hours meaning field staff were unable to operate. Without connection to the server, key files and documents were inaccessible and field operations postponed. Employees in the office were also hindered from performing all tasks involving files on the server. This caused severe repercussions for the client's revenue and reputation. After three incidents in one year, LightSpacesCo* recognised that more robust IT support was required.

ROCK's onboarding process gathered comprehensive information about LightSpacesCo’s infrastructure enabling transition to managed IT support without any issues or disruption to users. The onboarding process identified that one of the issues LightSpacesCo was facing was partially caused by a suboptimal configuration of a piece of third-party software. ROCK managed the relationship with the supplier and resolved the issue to ensure LightSpacesCo 's systems were configured correctly.

Following transition to Total IT Management, LightSpacesCo's systems were proactively monitored as standard and LightSpacesCo received 24/7/365 access to ROCK's award-winning service desk. All users were trained to use the service desk so that incidents and service requests could be processed properly and efficiently.

ROCK's The Modern Office (TMO) audit was undertaken to identify ways to strengthen LightSpacesCo's complete IT infrastructure. ROCK discovered mobile devices were connecting to the server without a secure connection. Sensitive documents were subject to potential security breaches and connections were slower than they could be.

Key recommendations

  • 24/7/365 proactive network monitoring to ensure minimal downtime and optimal performance
  • Reconfigure software for optimal system functionality
  • Configure a mobile device management solution to securely transfer files and folders between server and device


By remotely and proactively monitoring LightSpacesCo's network, minimal downtime has been assured, resulting in significantly increased productivity in the office and employees working remotely benefiting from access to files and documents when they need them.

Stakeholders reported that ROCK's proactive approach, fully inclusive supplier management, and simple yet effective incident and service request resolution management significantly increased employee morale and there was a noticeable reduction in frustration surrounding LightSpacesCo's IT operations.

ROCK’s TMO audit and network consulting services identified several ways to improve LightSpacesCo's IT infrastructure and ad hoc projects were undertaken to fulfil these recommendations. Network security and speed were increased and remote workers reported significant benefits.

*We value our clients and their right to a confidentiality.  While the name has been altered, the results are real.

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