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How ROCK transformed a prominent insurance provider’s customer support department

An insurance services provider based in the north Midlands contacted ROCK seeking help in improving the performance of their support team and enabling staff to work from home where possible.

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At a glance

  • Flexible work from home enablement resulted in a 36% improvement in productivity
  • CRM integration improved customer satisfaction by 21%
  • Monthly telecoms bill reduced by 48%

The situation

ProtectCo* wanted to upgrade its communications systems, the main component of which would enable its customer support team to work from home. In strategic partnership with ProtectCo, ROCK worked to understand how the customer support team operated and which features of communication could help them to improve their performance.

The Client's support team were taking inbound calls on legacy ISDN lines and basic telephones without any form of modernised CRM. All customer data had to be manually retrieved by customer support at the time of the call from workstations on-desk.

ROCK identified that a complete transformation of the current telephony and CRM was necessary to help ProtectCo achieve its ambitious plans in empowering its customer support team.



The ROCK IP system was implemented and configured so ProtectCo could determine where calls were routed with quick changes, meaning support staff working from home could be contacted via mobile devices to fulfil their roles remotely.

As a result of an ad hoc project, A CRM was installed on workstations onsite and on remote devices so support staff working from any location could provide great customer service with all the information they needed about each customer interaction. 

With seamless working from home and onsite CRM abilities, ProtectCo’s customer support team achieved an increase in productivity of 36% and a 21% improvement in customer satisfaction in the first year of system implementation.

By upgrading from ISDN to VoIP, ProtectCo also benefitted in reduced monthly call spend of 48%.

*We value our clients and their right to a confidential consultation. While the name has been altered, the results are real

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