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How ROCK overhauled a client’s network infrastructure and improved productivity by 30%

Following a period of success and substantial growth, ConstructCo*, a construction firm based in the North-East of England, had seen the performance of their network decline considerably leading to a significant drop in employee productivity. ROCK was asked to audit and improve their network as a result.

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At a glance

  • Employee productivity improved by 30%
  • 5,000% increase in internet upload and download speeds.
  • Zero infrastructure faults observed in 2019

The situation

ConstructCo* had substantially grown their client base and had taken on several additional employees to meet growing demand for their services.

Following this, they noticed that their network had become significantly less responsive. Employees began reporting slow connection speeds, problems when using the company’s VoIP system and, crucially, dissatisfied clients. It was clear that ConstructCo needed to act and, as a result, they contacted ROCK, requesting that we audit their network and implement changes that would bring about improved performance.

Having reviewed ConstructCo’s network, ROCK's network consultants noted that the cables present were outdated, disorganised and, in many instances, severely degraded. The existing setup had clearly not been designed with scalability in mind and this, ROCK concluded, was the main contributor to the network’s declining performance.

We also noted that the company were using a shared internet connection (broadband) resulting in speeds that fluctuated regularly and didn't provide ConstructCo with the resilient connection they needed. As a result, the speeds delivered by ConstructCo’s network regularly hindered staff’s ability to carry out basic tasks and respond to clients.


  • Upgrade internal infrastructure, particularly cabling
  • Develop external infrastructure
  • Implement a private internet circuit with guaranteed speeds and SLA


ROCK upgraded ConstructCo’s network infrastructure utilising high-end cabling that was effectively organised and capable of not just accommodating ConstructCo’s existing workforce, but also highly scalable. This was accompanied by literature that would assist the company’s internal IT department maintain setups as required.

Additionally, ROCK upgraded external cabling and, following this, leveraged our industry connections to source ConstructCo a competitively-priced leased line internet circuit. This saw ConstructCo’s upload and download speeds consistently reach 1Gb per second – a 5000% increase in speed.

As a result of their upgraded internal and external network infrastructure, ConstructCo reported a 30% increase in employee productivity. These changes also brought about a significant improvement with regards to network reliability: ConstructCo suffered zero infrastructure faults in 2019.

*We value our clients and their right to a confidential consultation. While the name has been altered, the results are real.

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