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How ROCK’s Premier IT Management services helped a prominent charity

A charity, AidCo*, operating from multiple locations throughout the UK, requested a customised managed IT solution to improve its volunteer onboarding and education processes. Stakeholders were also concerned that employees and volunteers were using mobile devices to browse websites against organisational policy, such as Facebook and Pinterest. With hundreds of devices released to dozens of field locations such as busy high streets, monitoring usage was proving difficult.

AidCo was already supported by ROCK's Total IT Management and recognised that a more advanced support package tailored to their organisational processes would increase productivity and streamline their HR and education processes.

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At a glance

  • Automated volunteer onboarding significantly reduced HR workload, reducing overheads by 17%
  • Automated education management reduced time taken to train employees and volunteers for action by 57%
  • Productivity management software regulated employee use of the organisation's mobile devices to ensure employees were more focussed on organisational tasks. This brought about a 16% increase in productivity.

The situation

A well-known UK charity recognised that upgrading from ROCK's Total IT management to Premier IT Management would allow them to better manage the onboarding and learning management processes integral to their organisation. AidCo's volunteer onboarding system was intensive on HR workload and much of the processes were undertaken manually. Employee and volunteer induction and education was cumbersome due to outdated processes and a lot of paperwork. AidCo challenged ROCK to tackle these issues by automating as many of the processes as possible.

AidCo deployed hundreds of mobile devices in various field locations for the fundraising team, and stakeholders were worried that devices were being used to browse the internet and play on apps, rather than for their intended purposes. AidCo challenged rock to investigate and improve on employee productivity.


  • Create secure onboarding platform so employees and volunteers can register information from any device
  • Provide new staff with induction and training via centralised learning management system
  • Install productivity management applications on all mobile devices to gather usage data and develop strategy for protecting productivity


In partnership with ROCK, AidCo developed a much more efficient onboarding process. Volunteer and employee registrations were captured on a secure digital platform rather than on paper. Contracts, policies and other agreements were also presented, signed and securely stored digitally, which considerably reduced HR workload.

After employees and staff were onboarded, the automation process extended to inductions and learning. Automating and digitising processes meant team members could securely access these resources from any device with the credentials established during onboarding. This meant reduced IT workload, reduced HR workload and a much faster and more effective induction process.

Our productivity management app was installed on all of AidCo's mobile devices. It was discovered that much of the employee's usage was personal, rather than charity related. ROCK worked with AidCo to identify websites and apps that were most hindering employee productivity and limited usage of these apps, bringing about a 16% increase in productivity.

*We value our clients and their right to a confidentiality.  While the name has been altered, the results are real.

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