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How ROCK ensured a firm of solicitors were compliant and robust

Having recently begun assisting the in-house IT department of a large firm of solicitors, ROCK identified deficiencies concerning their backup policies and set about addressing them.

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At a glance

  • Automated backup process entirely
  • Implemented off-site backups
  • E-discovery process 400% faster

The situation

ROCK had recently begun working with SolicitorCo*, a large firm of solicitors specialising in commercial law. We had been asked to provide their IT department with support and, as a result, audited their existing infrastructure and practices. This led to us discovering that their backup strategies were not fit-for-purpose and needed to be updated.

Whilst regulations clearly stipulated that they retain correspondence and other data for set periods of time, not all was scanned and copied to storage media. Instead, each user was asked by their incumbent supervisor to judge which written correspondence should be retained and back it up accordingly. All data that was backed up was also all stored in one single networked drive at the firm’s office.

ROCK therefore worked with SolicitorCo’s IT department to develop and implement a more robust data backup strategy to increase organisational resilience and regulatory adherence.


  • Audit networks and devices to identify the full data landscape
  • Develop a detailed topography for data types
  • To automate all backups; one to a virtual location and one to another on-site


Working with SolicitorCo’s IT team and key stakeholders, ROCK audited existing infrastructure and endpoints to locate data that needed to be backed up. A file structure was then developed and implemented as a means of managing data assets more effectively. ROCK’s consultancy team worked closely with SolicitorCo’s IT department to develop a training programme that would ensure the company’s employees were aware of both the structure’s existence and relevant topographies.

Following this, cost-effective cloud storage was then sought and, once selected, measures were put in place that automated the backup process entirely. The firm’s existing storage media portfolio was also upgraded significantly to accommodate an on-site automated backup of all business data.

As well as providing SolicitorCo with an effective disaster recovery strategy and regulatory adherence, these changes brought about more efficient practice, too: organised file structures made the e-discovery process approximately 400% faster. 

ROCK were also commissioned after the project to continue with 24/7/365 backup monitoring services through our UK based support desk.

*We value our clients and their right to a confidential consultation. While the name has been altered, the results are real.

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