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Client Result

How linking key applications brought about a 17% increase in sales

A manufacturing company based in the North-West of England contacted ROCK following a poor quarter of sales outcomes, looking to outsource their IT via our Premier IT Management service. 

Looking particularly at their infrastructure and internal practices our expert consultants were aslo able to identify any potential means of improving the performance of their sales team

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At a glance

  • Improved productivity by over 23%
  • Revenue attributable to sales team grew by 17% per month
  • 92% of salespeople reported feeling more prepared, confident and happier at work
  • 87% of new leads contacted within 23 minutes

The situation

ManuCo’s requested that we manage their IT entire as part of our Premier IT Management service, whilst our consultants review their models and procedures to determine how a digital transformation strategy could improve their sales team’s performance.

Heavily reliant on their sales team, ManuCO's profits had suffered following a difficult quarter in which the department’s performance had declined. ROCK interviewed various members of the team, as well as varying senior stakeholders, to garner a picture of their policies, processess and progress.

As a result of our investigations,  we discovered that a variety of key metrics whilst available, were often overlooked by various assessors. Further inquiries revealed that sales managers were unaware of the fact that these metrics – including, for example, average call time, number of emails sent per day etc. – were recorded or where the relevant data could be located.

A review meanwhile of ManuCo's digital presence revealed that, whilst designed to drive direct sales, their website’s performance differed greatly across devices and had consistently low loading times. This, ROCK concluded, placed ManuCo’s sales team under unnecessary additional pressure. 



Thanks to our Premier IT Management serice ManuCo were able to focus on improving their organisational posterity, benefitting from a partner focused on innovation and digital transformation.

We successfully implemented improved reporting frameworks, empowering ManuCo to identify the unique challenges their sales team faced and address them. Management were also better placed to provide constructive and objective feedback to help individual salespeople improve their performance. These changes saw ManuCo’s sales team generate 17% more revenue per month – a significant improvement on not just the prior quarter, but performance throughout the previous year.

User satisfcation also significantly increased: new software that assigned leads more effectively, and website improvements that generated 14% of those sales of sales team, resulted in 92% of users saying they felt significantly more prepared, confident and happy at work.

*We value our clients and their right to a confidential consultation. While the name has been altered, the results are real.

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