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Phone Systems

Our VoIP-based telephony system, ROCK IP, is a feature-rich solution that includes generous call allowances, is highly economical and can, where required, be teamed with powerful analytical software to provide valuable insights.

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A reliable, high-quality and cost-effective comms solution

Optimising outlay, ensuring that every penny your organisation spends is not only accounted for but that it’s being spent in the best way possible, is a practice that is observed at all successful organisations. Logically, this means that the cost of essential goods and services are regularly subjected to scrutiny.

Telephony systems that allow organisations’ various actors to communicate freely with colleagues, clients, suppliers etc. are one of those vital resources. As a direct result, the cost of said systems should be consistently reviewed – particularly if the organisation in question is not yet using a VoIP system.

ROCK IP: internet-based telephony

Designed for enterprises with between 10 and 1,000 users, ROCK IP offers high-definition sound quality, exceptional reliability and, as we’ve alluded to previously, significant savings.

ROCK IP can be implemented with relative ease as, with the possible exception of new handsets, no hardware needs to be installed on site. For organisation that do not want handsets, ROCK IP can run on PCs or even mobile devices with the correct software/applications installed. Furthermore, all users receive 5,000 inclusive landline and mobile minutes per month – all of which are cumulative and apply across all users.

Finally, ROCK IP can be setup to record all calls over a set period of time and offers sophisticated analytical software providing valuable insights and metrics relating to, for example, call volumes, average call times and the percentage of calls being answered.

Expeditious and convenient implementation

ROCK develop bespoke implementation plans for each of our clients, our goal being swift installation that minimises disruption in each instance. These plans also include acceptance criteria and are issued to each client prior to the process commencing.

In addition to this, ROCK can offer flexible payment options that allow organisations to spread the cost of implementing ROCK IP over the course of 12 to 72 months.


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