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ROCK’s consultancy team work with clients to create effective stratagems that enhance routes to market and associated omnichannel campaigns, customer interactions and support capabilities.

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Conception becoming execution

A good idea – something that addresses a gap in a market, resolves a common problem, etc. – can transform a business. Even the best ideas, though, will fail to gain traction of any kind if various additional considerations are neglected.

How, for example, do you go about launching a new product or service? Which routes to market should be leveraged in order to inform the right demographics of its existence? Are there any significant barriers that need to be cleared? ROCK help clients to answer these and other salient questions, whilst also developing practicable, versatile and agile strategies to aid with developing, launching or enhancing the goods and services they offer.

Developing experience design models

ROCK’s consultancy team work with clients on their marketing efforts, go to market strategies and support capabilities, to determine where practices, actions etc. can be improved, interactions with customers enhanced, market penetration increased and superior experience design strategies created. Following this, plans can be leveraged to aid the creation of market research plans, asset design and even marketing tactics encompassing multiple channels.

Agile plans delivering evolving strategies

Whilst careful planning is behind the creation of successful strategies, versatility and adaptation are vital to ensuring that plans remain relevant and fit-for-purpose. All strategies created by ROCK are therefore agile by design. We review them regularly with clients and, when required, advise on or implement change.

We can also assist organisations who have been left underwhelmed with the response to recent launches. Our consultants will review all salient information and amend or overhaul strategies as required before executing changes designed to drive uptake. 


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