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Managed Network Services

ROCK can monitor clients’ networks in real-time, reviewing salient metrics, rapidly identifying behaviour that adversely impacts performance and continuously optimising functionality.

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Maintain a secure connection

In the information era, the importance of remaining connected – of maintaining communications with employees, customers and vendors – cannot be understated. Several vital day-to-day organisational practices are dependent upon access to the internet and, as a direct result, maintaining this connection should be amongst an organisation’s greatest priorities.

Keeping networks up at all times is, however, becoming an increasingly difficult task: the number of threats to secure networks grow with each passing day; infrastructure becomes increasingly intricate leaving systems administrators in need of further training; cloud technology needs to be incorporated into traditional infrastructures. These are just a few of the challenges organisations face managing their networks.

ROCK can simplify the task of maintaining and optimising networks: our network management services blend unparalleled expertise with an analytical approach in order to both sustain and palpably improve the reliability and performance of this integral resource.

Investigations and diagnostics

In order to enact changes that will have the most substantial effect on organisational performance, ROCK’s consultants engage in thorough investigations and various diagnostics in order to glean an advanced and nuanced understanding of clients’ existing infrastructures, day-to-day practices and ambitions.

Following the completion of these investigations, a report outlining recommendations and associated actions is compiled. All reports are then collaboratively refined and scrutinised to ensure that they are sufficiently robust

Streamlined reporting and troubleshooting

Identifying key network performance metrics allow ROCK to develop single pane of glass dashboards that deliver vital statistics in real-time. This results in simplified reporting that we are able to leverage in order to maintain optimal network performance.

ROCK can also implement measures that monitor internal network activity in order to expeditiously identify behaviour adversely affecting performance, transforming the normally laborious task of isolating disruptions into one that can be completed with ease.


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