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Monitoring & Incident Response

ROCK monitor clients’ networks in real-time, rapidly identifying any behaviour that is likely to be malicious and countering it in advance of infection.

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Permanently monitoring traffic

With both the scope and frequency of cyber crimes having increased exponentially in recent years, the task of keeping a business’s network secure is both exceptionally difficult and of the utmost importance.

Furthermore, with persistency and adaptability arguably the characteristics that best define the cyber criminal, any attempt to negate the threat they pose must be one that doesn’t rest; one that is unrelenting in its pursuit of updates and patches; one that is entirely automated. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and deep-learning algorithms, ROCK can provide network monitoring and incident response solutions that are always active.

Automated threat detection and eradication

By continuously monitoring and analysing the data generated by a network, ROCK can quickly learn what activity is benign and what is likely to be malicious in order to immediately isolate and remove harmful files. Furthermore, to negate the threat posed by devices that have been added to a network without administrators’ knowledge, ROCK’s systems automatically detect their presence thereby preventing any undocumented endpoints from generating exploitable flaws in digital infrastructure.

Always up-to-date

Flaws in security are continuously being identified by cyber criminals. Fortunately, these loopholes are regularly identified and, once infrastructure is updated, are closed.

These updates, commonly referred to as ‘patches’, however, are initiated manually and, until enacted, the flaw remains. Logically, then, a company remains vulnerable until administrators are able to undertake required actions.

With ROCK’s network monitoring services, these updates are automated in their entirety with security flaws addressed at the earliest possibility as a result. Additionally, as these updates commonly also fix numerous other bugs they typically improve efficiency as well as address flaws with security.


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