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Data Application Security

ROCK encrypt clients’ sensitive data to render it unreadable whilst also affording authorised personnel expeditious access when required.

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Protecting vital commodities

The data a company holds is, in the information era, amongst its most valuable assets. As a result of this, it’s commonly sought by cyber criminals and, should they successfully obtain it, affected organisations typically suffer irreparable damage. A data breach can damage reputations, bring about significant periods of downtime or, following GDPR having come into force, lead to six-figure fines – all of which are more than capable of preventing a business from trading.

These risks, however, can be negated, rendering cyber attacks into little more than an inconvenience.

Location and encryption solutions

Even in the event that your infrastructure is compromised and sensitive data is leaked, the harmful effects of this can be all but circumvented – provided it has been encrypted.

This process obfuscates data, making it unreadable to anyone not in possession of the decryption key. As a direct result, a data breach can have minimal impact on both the affected organisation and any individuals whose data may have been compromised. This, though, is not the only reason an organisation should encrypt their data. Organisations that opt not to are likely to fall foul of GDPR and regulators can fine such companies up to €20 million or 4% of annual turnover – whichever happens to be larger.

ROCK can assist with the process of both encrypting and, vitally, locating all of an organisation’s sensitive data via comprehensive audits of physical and virtual infrastructure.

Managing decryption keys

In order to ensure that encrypted data remains inaccessible to all but authorised individuals and that access to the data is not lost, ROCK securely store and organise each of our clients’ decryption keys. As a result, our clients’ data is afforded the highest degree of protection. With 24-hour support available at all times, though, it can also be accessed expeditiously when required.


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