Cloud Platforms

ROCK work with clients to develop and execute cloud migration strategies that provide enhanced efficiency and reduce expenditure without affecting productivity.

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Seamless cloud migration

Decentralising infrastructures and moving towards virtualised operational models and cloud services can yield significant improvements by bringing about more efficient practices and reducing costs.

Organisations that take advantage of cloud servers, software etc. will enjoy greater flexibility and, as nothing will need to be installed on-site, savings and agility, also. In the event that a company requires more software licenses, for example, they can be purchased ad hoc and used instantaneously. The same is true of hardware: if more powerful equipment is needed, it can be accessed rapidly. In short, cloud platforms reduce unnecessary expenditure and the need for temporary drops in productivity.

With a wide variety of services and vendors available and large amounts of complex information available, however, determining which options will yield the greatest benefits and developing a strategy can be tremendously difficult.

Holistic cloud management

ROCK can, following our consultants having completed an in-depth audit designed to glean a comprehensive understanding of an organisation, leverage our knowledge of cloud platforms and providers to develop a strategy that meets their exact needs whilst driving improvements across fiscal and operational functions.

Following the creation of this strategy, ROCK can also assist with migrations and implementations – including training – as required. We will also test solutions to ensure they are fully functional before deeming implementation successful.

Continuous support and improvement

Alongside technical support that is available at all times, ROCK will subject our cloud strategies to constant scrutiny to ensure that they continuously deliver the best possible solutions to our clients.


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