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Software Licence Management

ROCK can audit software portfolios in their entirety to identify superior solutions and curtail excess spend. We can also implement solutions that ease the administrative burden of managing multiple licenses.

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Streamlining software portfolios

Developments in cloud technology and virtualised offerings have allowed multiple businesses to significantly reduce their outgoings. In particular, SaaS (Software as a Service) allows organisations to instantaneously add licenses to their portfolio thus negating the need to stockpile them in preparation for growth.

In turn, however, SaaS creates a need to manage licenses, review what software is in place and identify alternatives that may be superior as well as source or negotiate better deals when contracts are up for renewal. Such tasks are regularly deprioritised but, with the average SME using 22 pieces of software and larger organisations 464, this brings about considerable – and entirely avoidable – waste expenditure.

Auditing; reporting; organising

ROCK can audit software estates in their entirety, teaming this with a separate but concurrent inspection designed to glean a holistic understanding of the affected organisation to develop bespoke reports outlining replacement products that are superior, more cost-effective or both.

Furthermore, resultant literature will note the costs associated with each item and consultants will work closely with key stakeholders to identify any that are not adding sufficient value.

Finally, renewal dates for each asset will be noted and added to a single centralised management portal. Notes can be added to describe each product and streamline the renewal and cancellation of contracts. ROCK can even leverage our relationships with multiple vendors to negotiate more favourable deals on your behalf if required.


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