ROCK help utility and renewable organisations to digitally transform ahead of market changes; powering greater reporting, operational excellence, improved client satisfaction and simpler multi-node management.

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ROCK harness unmitigated technical expertise, combining it with commercial acumen and a comprehensive understanding of each client’s organisation to create digital transformation strategies – incorporating virtualised infrastructure, big data and associated analytical tools, APIs, customised software and AI – to drive their understanding of users’ behaviour and continuously refine and enhance their offerings. 

With vast changes in reduced government subsidies, regulation and a consumer spotlight on protecting the environment, ROCK help organisations in the utility and renewables sector to build great operational success and diversification; leading to higher retention of existing accounts and a rise in new clients.

IoT, paired with big data and analytics, is set to revolutionise the utilities industry. Every interaction a user has with any device will soon be recorded and the information this generates will yield valuable, previously unforeseeable insights. Providers that are able to capitalise on these will enjoy considerable benefits – but being able to do so will be reliant upon the adoption of a tailored and nuanced digital transformation strategy. 

Leveraging the vast swathes of data generated by connected devices requires specialised infrastructure and, typically, bespoke software and applications. Acquiring such resources involves investment and, as a direct result, significant planning to ensure that the most efficient, beneficial and economical solutions are identified in advance of them being implemented.


What We Do

  • Redefine customer journeys and client touch points
  • Monitor key metrics and data to build key customer insights
  • Simplify multi-site WAN structures to enable greater control
  • Firm up data protection practices, systems and policies
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery consulting services
  • Supplier and client risk strategy development and monitoring


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