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ROCK work with organisations to build AI and automation into daily practices, as well as data-based risk reduction and resiliency improvement strategies and enhanced operational visibility.

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Efficiency and productivity are of paramount concern in all organisations, but nowhere is this more pronounced than within the logistics industry. Clients, quite understandably, expect their orders to be delivered on time and organisations that are able to more rapidly fulfil theirs will inevitably be favoured over those that are not.

Recent developments in tech have brought about a number of products and services capable of streamlining processes throughout supply chains. Enhancements regarding automation, in particular, are something no logistics provider can ignore. 

Fully computerised picking procedures, wherein AI and automation are used to collect and box ordered items, are proven to, on average, complete tasks four times quicker than their human counterparts. When combined with APIs and IoT, AI can also be used to identify machinery that is not performing at optimum capacity thus allowing those responsible for it to quickly conduct repairs and maintain peak productivity. 

Big data and analytical tools can also be leveraged to provide considerable advantages with regard to delivery times. Careful consideration of vital metrics can reveal patterns and trends that can lead to the optimal placement of various assets, meaning that they are closer to the clients that regularly require them. In turn, this will mean that organisations are better placed to rapidly fulfil orders and meet clients’ needs.

ROCK possesses a holistic understanding of the requirements of logistics companies and combine this with auditing processes leveraging qualitative and quantitative methodologies to ensure we possess an in-depth understanding of each of the organisations we work with. In doing so, we are able to harness our commercial acumen and unparalleled technical knowledge to create bespoke digital transformation strategies that will drive efficiency and superior services. 


What We Do

  • Rethink supply chains to enable cost reduction and efficiency
  • Enable digital workplace mobility for constant communication with staff
  • Build client experience strategies to power repeat business
  • Coherent reporting and data analysis for clients and partners
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery consulting services
  • Improve client experience through IoT and automation tools


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