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We harness disruptive tech with next-gen innovation strategies, tailored to our client's needs, that drive superior performance and results.

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Technology has consistently transformed businesses. In many cases, it has fundamentally altered practices across entire industries. At times, the disruption new tech brings is so forceful – so persuasive and compelling – that it can drive procedural change throughout all sectors. Being able to identify existing and emerging tech capable of producing such change provides organisations with a considerable advantage and – with ROCK’s consultancy team – you can unearth both these and the strategies that will allow you to leverage them effectively.

Our team of skilled and knowledgeable consultants use their unparalleled comprehension of technology and combine this with an auditing and discovery process that provides them with a holistic understanding of a client’s organisation to determine precisely how technology can be used to deliver innovative practices, solutions or anything else that will provide them with a competitive advantage.

Strategies developed by ROCK not only deliver immediate improvement but also merge effortlessly with existing practices to deliver long-term innovation.


What We Do

  • Innovation as a Service providing ongoing DevOps for your systems
  • Bespoke application design, build and maintenance
  • CRM/LOB software development, tailoring your systems to you
  • API and Integration Services
  • Software consulting, project management and implementation
  • Coherent reporting and data analysis of results


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Digital Transformation

Creating your roadmap for digital transformation


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Digital Transformation

Blending ICT and knowledge management to drive innovation


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What data tells us about the UK in the era of COVID-19


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Is your IT project a moonshot?


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