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ROCK works with financial teams to build value into financial growth strategies as well as re-imagining operational structure for a digital age.

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Effectively managing finances – ensuring that all purchases are supported by empirical evidence and that profligacy is avoided – is an integral practice at all successful businesses. With growth assuring that expenditure becomes more diverse and income sources more disparate, however, doing so can become a highly problematic task.

Undertaking an in-depth audit of our clients’ organisations, ROCK utilise multiple techniques – both qualitative and quantitative – to glean a holistic understanding of where revenue is generated, where capital is spent and their various models, practices and frameworks. This knowledge is then leveraged in order to identify tech-centric practices, resources or solutions that will allow businesses to spend more efficiently as well as track and pursue capital they are owed with greater ease.

Typical recommendations put forward – and implemented – by ROCK can include the development of bespoke applications that amalgamate various data sources, the creation of automated reporting processes and invoicing systems, and machine-generated cash flow forecasting.


What We Do

  • Innovation and growth strategy planning
  • Coherent financial reporting and data analysis
  • Operational restructuring focussed on cost saving and efficiency
  • Financial software development; tailoring your systems to you
  • Finance focussed business process automation
  • Improve the delivery of infrastructure and capital projects


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