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How experience design enabled a successful product re-launch

Having launched and then abandoned a new range of sportswear approximately 12 months prior, ActiWearCo* contacted ROCK. Informing us that they’d been underwhelmed with the response they’d received, they asked us to review the various campaigns, advertising techniques etc. they had leveraged when launching their new product.

Informing us that they believed that they still felt this range of products could prove successful, ROCK's UX consultants forensically examined the data provided and set about identifying lost opportunities.

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At a glance

  • On-site conversion rate increased to 14%
  • CTR of targeted online adverts hit 11%
  • Advertising investment recuperated entirely within 18 months

The situation

ActiWearCo had identified what they believed to be a gap in the sport clothing market. Having conducted audience research, they had found that people in the 35+ category and who exercised regularly felt that there was little available in the way of simple, unadorned and inexpensive active wear that was of good quality.

The company commissioned designs for a range of attire before marketing their products via advertising, with Instagram and the Google Display Network being their chosen mediums. The former was chosen due to its visual-centric nature and the latter because of its ability to display creatives to users of various websites.

Unfortunately, having ran adverts on these platforms for several weeks, sales figures were extremely disappointing.


Having reviewed the performance of both the aforementioned campaigns and the landing pages they linked to, ROCK noted that virtually all purchases of these products had been generated by users returning to these web pages rather than new visitors. We also observed a low interaction rate where Instagram was concerned and that the relevant landing page did not render correctly on mobile devices.

As a result, ROCK recommended:

  • That a remarketing campaign, showing adverts to users who had visited the relevant landing page but not made a purchase, be created on the Google Display Network
  • That social media advertising utilise further platforms
  • That landing pages be optimised for mobile users and loading speeds be improved across all device types
  • A full evaluation of the organisation's supply chain and logistics be undertaken and streamlined


With users returning to the website far more likely to make a purchase, the remarketing campaign was highly successful. Additionally, a new Facebook campaign generated a reasonable number of sales and a large amount of website traffic – which resulted in the company’s remarketing campaign generating further online purchases. This remarketing campaign was further refined to the point where it consistently generated a click-through-rate of 11%.

These campaigns, combined with improvements to landing page functionality, brought about significant improvements: on-site conversion rates grew to 14% and ActiWearCo recuperated their advertising spend in just 18 months with the aforementioned range now generating a profit year-on-year.

*We value our clients and their right to a confidential consultation. While the name has been altered, the results are real.

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